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    With all this variety and creativity, it is certainly hard to choose which Hungarian desserts to try. In fact it was created at historic restaurant Gundel by Béla József Szőcs, who had studied for years at the famous Gerbeaud confectionery, presenting the dessert at the 1958 Brussels World Fair. Hungarian Carnival Doughnuts – Farsangi fánk In Hungary the carnival season (Farsang) that precedes Lent starts early January and ends mid February. It is said that a Hungarian gypsy violinist came across Princess Clara Ward of Chimay while in Paris with her husband – and charmed her into eloping. The cream is usually soft and rich, with a strong vanilla taste, but not too sweet. You will not be disappointed. Besides whipped cream, they are usually topped with chocolate syrup, and almonds or walnuts for a bit of crunch. At Gundel Restaurant in Budapest, they will flambé it in front of you! The Best Hungarian Desserts Recipes on Yummly | Dobos Torte, The 127-year-old Hungarian Dessert, Hungarian Kiffles, Hungarian Strawberry Bars Looking for Hungarian recipes? Between European city-breaks and exciting explorations of other continents, they write itineraries, create videos, and show how easy it is to travel. *Unless otherwise noted, photos are creative commons or were authorized for use in this article by the contributor. I still do our traditional Christmas Eve as does my daughter. Home There really is a Hungarian dessert for everyone: cheap or expensive, from the street or from fancy cafés, warm or refreshing. Even though crepes are traditionally French and very common all around the world, Hungarians serve them with their own twist. A travel blog mainly about Andalucia and Budapest, based on my travel photos. Hungarian traditional dessert. This dessert brings back so many memories from my childhood. Also, Traditional Hungarian Desserts photos. Comment. Its main ingredients are noodles in several layers and fillings – nuts, poppy, apples, jam (the recipe is typically plum, but there is also a recipe suggesting peach apricot). Also, Traditional Hungarian Desserts photos. Even though crepes are traditionally French and very common all around the world, Hungarians serve them with their own twist. It’s not just melted butter with chocolate: eggs beaten over boiling water are also added, to give extra fluffiness to the chocolate butter cream. It does not contain sugar, so just a sprinkle of sugar is added on top, together with a fresh fruits and a generous spoonful of sour cream, another ingredient very dear to Hungarians. Oh, and cool pics about Traditional Hungarian Desserts. Coming from the mind of celebrated Hungarian chef János Rákóczi, this light treat has been prepared since the 1930s but wasn’t published until 1937. Hungarian Esterhazy Torte. Oh, and cool pics about Traditional Hungarian Desserts. The Hungarian twist, however, is that they are both served alongside one another, whereas in other countries that also have this treat they often only pick the one that is preferred. This Hungarian dessert is typically filled with sweet cottage cheese, jam, sweetened cocoa, vanilla or chocolate pudding. For us, Christmas is a private, family holiday and we … Contact. There are so many ways of serving it: in glass bowls, on a dish, in the shape of a slice of cake, or arranged in artistic ways in Michelin star restaurants. It gained popularity in the former Austria-Hungary and is named after Rigó Jancsi (1858–1927), a famous Hungarian Gypsy (Romani people) violinist. Like Austria, Hungary is a cake-superpower. It is a marvelous, delicious homemade layered cake, filled … 10 Must-Try Hungarian Desserts and Sweets. With this Pandemic we are staying in. Also known as mille-feuille, mille foglie, or vanilla slice, this famous cake is composed of puff pastry and pastry cream. A delicious treat! Its design came from József Dobos, who had intended to make a cake that would keep for longer at a time when cooling facilities were limited. Christmas First of all, the presentation: Hungarian palacsinta are rolled, not folded, and usually they are sprinkled with powdered sugar. It’s not exactly sweet or buttery: the turo cheese is still a little acidic, and the puff pastry is not as sugary as your usual croissant. I'm so glad you enjoyed this article! Other traditional fillings are cinnamon, sour-cherry, and poppyseed. And how wonderful that you grew up with a mom who taught you how to make cherished dishes. Looking for Hungarian recipes? My favourite, however, is homemade apricot jam. Photo about Three Traditional hungarian desserts on the table. If you were to learn that these plum balls were made of potato, you’d likely wonder what the Hungarians were up to. The preparation takes time, plus the dough needs an hour and 30 minutes of resting time, but the result is well worth the effort! Consider to be one of the oldest cake recipes, this ‘chimney cake’ has been around for numerous centuries. Hungarian Rigó Jancsi (Chocolate Mousse) Cake Recipe It is a traditional Hungarian cube-shaped chocolate sponge cake and chocolate cream dessert. Part of Small Planet Studio, LLC. Click here to see the 10 must-try desserts and sweets in Colombia! This is the flavour that all Hungarians identify with their childhood and carry on through their lives: fresh túró cheese covered in crunchy, bitter chocolate. You can enjoy túrógombóc in restaurants; it may come in small and large size, and sometimes covered in other types of sour cream-based toppings. His intention was to create a cake, that is a great example of the traditional Hungarian pies, in a modern way. Rétes, the Hungarian version of strudel, is not quite like Austrian strudel. Mákos Guba is a typical Hungarian dessert, but it is known in Germany (Mohnpielen) and Poland (makówki) as well. Rákóczi Túrós. Recipes It’s not a common treat these days, but certainly one to track down. Hungarians make the puff pastry very light, but crunchy: you will enjoy biting it, but cutting it with a spoon will be really hard!

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