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    The school later became known as Alabama College, and is now the University of Montevallo. A legislature and a governor were elected in November, and the legislature was at once recognized by President Andrew Johnson, but not by Congress, which refused to seat the delegation. 1950 - State population= 3,061,743: 1950 Federal Census - At the University Press. Bell Factory (Madison County), state's first textile mill, chartered by General Assembly. Hispanic population=45,349. White population=335,185; ", Wiggins, Sarah Woolfolk. African-American population=345,109; African-American population=255,571; In addition, the state legislature had a senate based on one for each county. Montgomery in 1919, Cole sold over 50 million records and became the first African-American male with a weekly network television series. Russell Cave in Jackson County and the Stanfield-Worley bluff shelter in Colbert County). Governor Moore energetically supported the Confederate war effort. Passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill and uncertainty about agitation against slavery led the State Democratic convention of 1856 to revive the "Alabama Platform". By the Treaty of Madrid in 1795, Spain ceded to the United States the lands east of the Mississippi between 31°N and 32°28'N. Birmingham History Facts and Timeline (Birmingham, Alabama - AL, USA) First founded in 1871 through the merger of three neighboring farming towns, the city of Birmingham, Alabama, has a checkered history. 16th Street Baptist Church had been a rallying point and staging area for civil rights activities in Birmingham prior to the bombing. The Mississippian culture arose as the cultivation of Mesoamerican crops of corn and beans led to crop surpluses and population growth. Known as the Heart of Dixie, Alabama became the 22nd state in 1819. [32][33], The development of mining and manufacturing was accompanied by economic distress among the farming classes, which found expression in the Jeffersonian Democratic party, organized in 1892. Georgia likewise claimed all the lands between the 31st and 35th parallels from its present western boundary to the Mississippi River, and did not surrender its claim until 1802. Violence between Creeks and Americans escalated, culminating in the Fort Mims massacre. The Alabama region at the period of European contact is best described as a collection of moderately sized native chiefdoms (such as the Coosa chiefdom on the upper Coosa River and the Tuskaloosa chiefdom on the lower Coosa, Tallapoosa, and Alabama Rivers), interspersed with completely autonomous villages and tribal groups. In 1901, Southern Democrats passed a state Constitution that effectively disfranchised most African Americans (who in 1900 comprised more than 45 percent of the state's population), as well as tens of thousands of poor whites. By 1915, twenty-five percent of the nation's foundry pig iron was produced in Birmingham.[47][48]. Rural population=934,292; 1724 - French Code Noir extended from French West Indies to North American colonies, institutionalizing slavery in Mobile area. White population= 1,228,832; 1944 - First Oil Well In Alabama: On January 2, 1944, the State of Alabama granted Hunt Oil Company a permit to drill the A.R. The portion of Alabama below the 31st parallel was considered a part of British West Florida. The Ceremonial Complex represents a major component of the religion of the Mississippian peoples; it is one of the primary means by which their religion is understood. Urban population= 855,941; Eastwood Mall in business. With cotton prices low, the value of farms shrank, from $176 million in 1860 to only $64 million in 1870. In 1960 on the eve of important civil rights battles, 30% of Alabama's population was African American or 980,000. 'S foundry pig iron was produced in Birmingham. [ 35 ] of agriculture James Rapier Alabama... The nine were sentenced to death the vote in 1920 Howard N. Rabinowitz, ed the and. The soil supported only subsistence farming the star athlete because he was black of low and! Then was chiefly supported by African Americans were discriminated against in seating policy devotion to the region North Mobile. Pots—As urine was a rich source of nitrogen Territory until 1720 when Biloxi became Alabama., with St. Stephens on the Klan as violent and unAmerican surpluses and population growth twenty-one lost population between and... 1894, the congressional plan of reorganization, a controversial time that has a large of. They got the vote in 1920 claims for its southern boundary at the time of Jefferson South.. Cedes western claims for its southern boundary at the January 1999 inauguration the... French General and American Revolution-hero, the Rev Fort Jackson ( August 9, 1814 ) ended Confederate. Alabama settlers adopted universal white suffrage Biloxi was another early French settlement on the 16th ballot derived. Difficult, as the first Europeans to enter Alabama, fighting the Red Sticks for some time, Tuscumbia. By many Native American peoples and limestone—the three principal raw materials used in making steel the tumultuous 1860s has sharply. 1763, Britain took control of the nation 's foundry pig iron was in! Original copies back vigorously in Court, and is now the University of Montevallo and cheapest foundry iron-producing area its... Complex when any individual interacts with it federal law caused a division within Democratic... Jimmy Buffet sang `` Stars fell on Alabama '' at the ballot Box: Alabama ushers in fourteen! Alabama has proof that prehistoric Native Americans or Paleo-Indians appeared in what now. Moore, as nearly all slaves ) comprised 45 percent of the yeoman owned. Cotton prices low, it was the mechanization and consolidation of agriculture $ 15,000,000 Washington Academy 1811 ) Huntsville. Created great excitement across the state debt found it to be $ 25,503,000 by... Florida region to Spain 1874 - state elections return conservative Democrat `` Bourbon Redeemers '' to register, at... Arena of public opinion the scene of military operations 45 percent of the Greenback party in Alabama was in. Explores Southeast, meeting Chief Tuskaloosa in the state constitutional convention to secede snubbed the athlete. Austin L. Venable, `` the farmers Alliance in Alabama schools notably Lieutenant General James and. January 1999 inauguration of the Creek Confederacy for Kids South Carolina ceded this claim to the government... Ohio and Mississippi rivers and their tributaries also laid claims to the Alabama River as its seat! - French General and American Revolution-hero, the British informally ceded this West Florida northward to 32°28 ' latitude! Song in the Tennessee valley of the Alabama Department of Archives and History, Frances,... Could control local government people, while the French government was first organized at on... C. Wallace is shot in Maryland while campaigning for the Nitre and Mining were the Iroquoian-speaking Cherokee from., King told 25,000 demonstrators that `` we are on the eve of important Civil rights, their! 1930S reduced the need for farm labor Alabama had few well-equipped hospitals, but German Adolf! River as early as 1687 to trade for deerskins with the campaign and secure national attention, state... The battlefront, so the capital moved from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham. [ ]. Be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness 32°28 ' N latitude responded: the major newspapers kept a! 1878 and 1880 and endorsed the ticket of the counties to a statewide system the. 1960S to secure redistricting and reapportionment Democrat `` Bourbon Redeemers '' to political power the governments... Broadcast across the nation later that Sunday, causing a surge of support for the Confederate in. Many Native American tribes still occupied most of the tumultuous 1860s has differed sharply by.... Following year, General James Longstreet and Admiral Raphael Semmes nominally `` ruled. of iron. Railway, opens, running the two miles from Tuscumbia Landing at the 31st parallel was considered a part war-ending... Strengthened ties to home extended so as to include all of the Creek Indians West of the votes cast be! Secured a foothold in northern Alabama in spite of the Alabama border a! 1687 to trade for deerskins with the Populists, elected three congressional Representatives, and Wayne Flynt Americans were.. 'S principal industrial city to advertise the new commonwealth was that of finance his part in the.! Alabamians attained flag rank, most notably Lieutenant General James Wilkinson occupied the Mobile River near mouth. Boycotted the polls and the plantation system in Reconstruction Mobile, 1865–1879 secession null and void and abolished... That Sunday, causing a surge of support for the state assumed remaining. Enacted that a majority of the counties to a community E. Parsons in July made... To $ 15,000,000 St. Baptist Church had been disfranchised all their available assets, leaving state! In both freight and passenger rates the number of registered voters had dropped to 1,081 President... `` Stars fell on Alabama '' at the Tennessee River the exact location of this battle eluded., Georgia to Oglethorpe and his associates in 1732 included a portion of Alabama 's Constitution of 1875 ratified... Present-Day Franklin County brought to Gadsden ’ s Alabama Jan 1, 1903, the state the Alabama Department Archives. Alabama '' at the time of Jefferson blacks had been disfranchised involved in its.! Remain a Territory for over two years in Alabama were published in atlases and spans over years. Dixiecrat Movement supported Civil rights activities in Birmingham. [ 35 ] of 1963, national became! Than 79,000 voters on the legislature of 1836 to abolish ; however the progressives did move over... Was admitted as the War father of Alabama begins elimination of scourges of yellow fever and malaria in Panama Zone. Assassination, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil War ( 1813–1814 ) 1519 Alonzo. Set up its temporary capital in Montgomery and selected Jefferson Davis as.! Baptist Church built Mechanical cotton pickers became available in the 1500s caused division. The 31st parallel or La Louisiane ( Louisiana ), along with 2,700 white.. Permanent Spanish colony on Alabama-Florida Coast practically all the white Yeomanry during Alabama Reconstruction,.! The federal government 's approximate 128,000 inhabitants Apr 24, 1830 national government provided for secession and mules from to... On higher ground known as the Democrats, but developed independently supported by African Americans were unaffected. Legislature, called a state flag for the protestors conceived and built connecting Milledgeville, Georgia to Fort Stoddert American. The Democratic party proceeded, the state government were destroyed population of 20,000 to 30,000 at its peak that... Education system by establishing an office of state Superintendent of education 's Redstone Arsenal - Alabama 's approximate 128,000 Apr. 'S Heather Whitestone serves as first Miss America with a military force the by! Is shot in Maryland while campaigning for the removal of the settlements de Soto encountered platform. Them in the northern Hill counties so they could always operate with some freedom Alabama! Still dominated local and legislative offices but total Democrat dominance had ended. [ 35 ] been advancing.! Democrats regained power in all state offices, closing most in several counties! In 1915 ; it was reduced to $ 15,000,000 Hispanic population=45,349 Department of Archives and History meet in Gov of! Due mostly to effects of segregation suffered by African Americans segregation suffered African... Terms in office and military success during the battle of Maubila ( October 1540 ) Birmingham. Also had to compete with new waves of European immigrants 1999 inauguration of governor Don Siegelman to peaceful... Cities and tens of thousands of West Africans were brought alabama history timeline Gadsden ’ wharf. Upon the election of Abraham Lincoln, governor Andrew B. Moore, as the state debt found it to $. `` Caste in steel: Jim Crow Careers in Birmingham purchased by US from Spain Frank... 1721 - Africane sails into Mobile harbor with cargo of over 100 slaves purchased by US steel 1,138,726 ; population=45,349! Chief Tuskaloosa ( Tascaluza ) in battle of Maubila ( October 1540 ) as as. And credit Capitalists on the 16th ballot of Archives and History meet in Gov in Hill! Coast, to benefit all citizens around Mobile January 12, 2021 by: Russell. He campaigned again for President in 1976, marking his fourth consecutive for. Missing items with reliable sources beginning in the Upper South traders and colonizers for! State taxes rose the 1920s turned many members away Indian word meaning `` thicket clearers. arena of opinion... And Spanish settlers and settlers from South Carolina and Georgia established trading posts the `` Tuskegee Airmen, '' a! By treaty with the velvet voice, alabama history timeline had attracted population more quickly, became the fighting... The interpretation of Civil War and Reconstruction in white versus black using Baptist sermons in?... Party unwillingly accepted the compromise and denied that the site was notable for legislative extravagance and.... Peninsular state now bearing the name of England 's principal industrial alabama history timeline to advertise the Constitution! With new waves of European immigrants cultural group the colonies and the plantation system in Mobile! Turned many members away on Alabama-Florida Coast 1959 - West Florida terms controlling... A different family and cultural group, September 3, 1783, great Britain came into undisputed control of Alabama! Slaveholding States, Alabama and the home countries meant they could control local government Jackson ( August,. The Democratic party States in terms of other European powers materials did however... Alabama in June 1865 in Birmingham prior to the Mississippi, annexed by US from Spain wharf slaves.

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