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    In the following examples, data filtering is done with endsWith type. We display each item in our array items with the text interpolation curly brace syntax. +1 for Bootstrap-Vue - don't waste time trying to get dropdown menus working and focus on your product. I mostly use vanilla Bootstrap CSS, but I use Bootstrap-Vue for things like dropdowns, popovers, tooltips, modals, and such. (or custom variants, if defined). @frizar well, according to the doc, you're correct. The .dropdown-menu is the

      element, while dropdown items (items, buttons, text, form, headers, and dividers) are wrapped in an
    • element. By default, renders the menu contents in the DOM even when the menu is not shown. You can specify an alternate type via the split-button-type prop. Creating Vue Sample. Finally, we’ll provide () the sharedState to every component inside the main AppDropdown component. for plain text content 4. Here in this tutorial, we are going to explain how you can get selected option value and text in vue.js. Vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework. By default, dropdowns may flip to the top, or to the bottom, based on their current position in the viewport. vuejs dropdown example. Defaults to the 'variant' prop value, Text to place in the toggle button, or in the split button is split mode, CSS class (or classes) to add to the toggle button, Specify the HTML tag to render instead of the default tag, ARIA label (sr-only) to set on the toggle when in split mode, Applies one of the Bootstrap theme color variants to the component, Can be used to implement custom text with icons and more styling, Optionally scoped default slot for dropdown menu content, Emitted on $root just before dropdown is hidden. reference section. For placing form controls within a dropdown menu. Vue Bootstrap Dropdowns Vue Dropdowns - Bootstrap 4 & Material Design. A header item, used to help identify a group of dropdown items. can also be used via the following aliases: Note: component aliases are only available when importing all of BootstrapVue or using By default its width will be the same as the widest content. # Options as Objects When options is an array of objects, the component must generate a label to be shown as the options text. reference section. This prop accepts either a string or array of strings. sanitize e.g. When there are a large number of dropdowns rendered on the same page, performance could be impacted due to larger overall memory utilization. When the menu item doesn't trigger navigation, it is recommended to use the sub-component. Let’s go back to our AppDropdown.vue file. Currently v2.21.2. for ajax request we will use axios js. Supported values are 'scrollParent' (the default), 'viewport', 'window' or a reference to an HTML element. Group a set of dropdown sub components with an optional associated header. The following components can be placed inside of your dropdowns. We’ll start by scaffolding out the structure of our dropdown component: Let’s open the AppDropdown.vue file and write some code. A divider / spacer which can be used to separate dropdown items. We’ll define a toggle() method, that will switch the active state. In these cases you may need to wrap your dropdown inside another element. This is useful when the dropdown is to be displayed as an icon. I’m going to assume that you already have a vue project set up. The most logical way would be from the main AppDropdown component itself. Caution: Props that support HTML strings Add the EJ2 Vue DropDownList using to the